Good reasons for
Babies to Swim

written by Kochen, C.L. PH.D and McCabe, J.B.A


  1. Babies less than a year old accept the water more readily than older children.
  2. Fear of water is acquired as children grow older, the longer a child is kept away from water, the more likely the child will develop aquaphobia.
  3. Babies can exercise more muscles in the water, they are less restricted by gravity and their ability to sit or stand. This increased strength often manifests itself in early acquisition of physical skills like walking.
  4. Swimming improves babies’ cardiovascular fitness. Although babies are limited in how much they can improve their endurance, swimming does have a beneficial effect.
  5. Early mastery of water movements gives children a head start in learning basic swimming skills.
  6. Water helps improve co-ordination and balance by forcing babies to move bilaterally to maintain their equilibrium.
  7. Warm water combined with gentle exercise relaxes and stimulates baby’s appetites. They usually eat and sleep better on swimming days.
  8. Doctors often recommend swimming as the exercise of choice for asthmatics. For many asthmatics, exercise produces bronchial hyperactivity. Swimming stimulates less wheezing than other forms of exercise, possibly because the warm, moist air around pools is less irritating to the lungs.
  9. Babies flourish in the focused attention their parents lavish on them during swimming.
  10. As babies learn how to maneuver in the water on their own, their independence and self-confidence blossom.
  11. Swimming provides babies with lots of skin-to-skin contact with their parents that psychologists say may deepen the bond between parent and child.
  12. Learning to swim is not only fun, healthy activity but a safety measure as well.

Here’s why your baby will
benefit from our Water Baby Program

Prevention of water fears – Your child will learn to love the water

Early water skills increase water safety – Giving you peace of mind

Strengthening the respiratory system – Helps fight respiratory complaints such as Asthma

Increased muscle tone – Babies can exercise more muscles in the water, which increases strength for land skills such as walking

Improved coordination – Will help your child’s readiness for school

Independence and self-confidence – Fosters intelligence

Enhanced parent-child bonding – Builds lifelong friendships

Studies undertaken by sports Academy, cologne, Germany, showed that swimming babies were healthier, better coordinated, socially better adjusted, had higher mental capacities and generally were more developed than their non swimming peers.



Affinity Swim Vision Statement

Confident, happy and safer children with high self esteem through informed parents and teachers.



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